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Development & Value-Add Existing

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AAAmerican Opportunity Fund intends to acquire, develop and improve a portfolio of real estate properties while benefiting from the preferential tax treatment of the Opportunity Zone Program.

The AAAmerican Opportunity Fund seeks to acquire high-quality real estate properties located in designated Opportunity Zones that have strong long-term growth potential. The Fund will meet the requirements necessary to qualify as an Opportunity Fund as defined in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 in order to avail investors of the substantial tax-related benefits provided under the bill.

The Fund anticipates an investment term of no less than 10 years in order to capture the full tax benefits offered under the tax code for Opportunity Funds.

Delivering Federal Tax Free Appreciation and Depreciation

Distributions are automatically reinvested to increase your tax free investment.

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Key Benefits

Zero Capital Gain Taxes

Invest capital gains to receive tax-free growth & defer and reduce current federal capital gain taxes. Understanding Opportunity Fund tax benefits.

Reduce Portfolio Risk

Temper your portfolio's overall volatility with IDEAL™real estate's low correlation to stocks and bonds. Learn why top investors choose real estate

Invest in High Growth Markets

We will invest in growing U.S. markets including: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix and Raleigh.

Example Business Plan

New development in a growing West Palm Beach, FL neighborhood

The existing "distressed" lot
Illustrative rendering of finished project

Our first Opportunity Fund acquired this property in a growing area of West Palm Beach, a principal city of the Miami Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1894, it is the oldest incorporated municipality in Greater Miami, and has always attracted affluent homeowners with its tropical tree-lined streets and a mixture of Art Deco and Spanish architecture.

A thriving community, West Palm Beach Park has enjoyed significant population growth in recent years, outperforming its metropolitan neighbors. Nationwide, according to US Census Bureau data, Florida has received the most domestic inmovers. Our first Opportunity Fund acquired the property in 2019. It plans to build a 376 unit apartment building, self storage, and retail and commercial business space.

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