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Backed by over a century of investment experience, American Group is a group of commercial real estate firms connecting investors with high-quality assets in select business-friendly and high-growth locations. Meet our team and connect with us on LinkedIn.

The strategy is simple: We are comparatively small and focus on acquiring the best of what is available, delivering real, dependable returns with a value-add strategy. Every acquisition deal we do is built with a going-in return and a plan to significantly boost revenue in the hold period, typically 10+ years.

The principals in American Group have over 150 years of experience in real estate with a proven track record of success with over 60 acquisitions and nearly 30 dispositions.

From the acquisition of the investment or development site to the final disposition of the asset, multiple facets of the investment are handled in-house. Construction, insurance, property management, leasing & sales, and asset management are all handled by an experienced group of invdividuals and companies.

Our principals pride themselves in serving their clients, investors, and tenants first & foremost. Investors are treated fairly and are given honest and regular reporting and access. We value and respect people & relationships and always take the long-term view. Each of our investments and everyone involved with each deal reflects that mentality.

We believe that sustainability is applicable within our field because it captures the full spectrum of our company’s interactions: with the economy, including the industry within which we operate; with society, from employees to partners, vendors and tenants; and with the land and environment. We believe this approach can drive performance towards excellence and that companies with superior environmental and social management are likely to be more successful in operating projects in today’s world.


Fred Hameetman

Chairman, American Group

Gregory L. Horton

CEO, American Group

Jacqueline S. Miller

President, Cal-American Corp

Devan Makwana

Developer, American Group

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